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Unknown human ancestor found in Siberia

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 26.2010 News Out of English Newspaper   0 comments   0 trackback
An international research team has identified what is believed to be an unknown human species from a bone fossil found in Russia's Siberia region.

The fossil of a finger was discovered in a cave in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia 2 years ago. It is believed to be between 30,000 to 48,000 years old.

Scientists from Germany and Britain sequenced DNA from the mitochondria and found that the sequence belonged to an unknown human species.

The fossil doesn't shed light on what this human race looked like, but the team suggests the species diverged about a million years ago from the line that gave rise to early modern humans.

The team says the discovery indicates that multiple human races, including modern humans, the newly found ones and Neanderthals may have co-existed at a certain era.

The findings have been posted in the online edition of the British magazine Nature.

2010/03/25 08:15(JST)
(JST: UTC+9hrs.)

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