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Daily Report

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 31.2010 Today in History / Daily Report   0 comments   0 trackback
20%変形Sunday, January 31, 2010

( Weather )  Rain
( wind )  Nothing
(Temperature )  Not so much cold


【Today's task finished】

Sweeping inside and outside shop
Watering the road faced the shop and plant pots
Tending the shop
serving foods and beer
Sopping for any liquor
Doing many dishes
Helping Bessie's cooking

serving foods
Tailgate sell as attending Mass at the Tamatsukuri church
Working for evening shift part-time job Shinobu

【Today's business hours: Usual opening 11am-9pm Currently open 7 days a week】

Today's Open:  8:00am - Junichi
Today's Close:  10:00pm - Junichi
The time temporally closed today: 

【Today's incident】

Despite all day raining, our shop BESSIE has been bustling with our customers inside or even delivery which made our day!!
We are thankful to have got the customer Mrs. Ando for shopping even late at night past 10:00 pm

【Private incident】

Yesterday, I started to follow Mainichi newspaper' twitter newly following BBC's which I have followed since the other day.

【Today's self-reflection】


【Tomorrow's plan】

To start making new menu
Made up the calling card I got an order the other day and delivery
Routine work



Private spending: 0
Out Drinking: 0
Quantity of Liquors:  Canned beer 0
Do out: 0

Reading all of articles in NHK World News on web or anything else like newspaper, as the matter of routine that I established by myself at the new year day:  All done today, and the days of total are 14



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