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Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 26.2011 息子の英語教育記録   0 comments   0 trackback
It's harshly cold today!
Even in this coldness, Kiyoshi says "It's OK for me, not so much cold!"
He must be a very child!
ddw.jpg Here is one of best Christmas Presents for Kiyoshi this year following the day after yesterday's radio control car.

Kiyoshi's English Education Report Vol. 44:
He newly learned the vowel sounds after finishing the following lesson.
* Reviewed what was learned until now. efer.jpg
* Spelling each English vowels of "a i u e o".
* Memorize some new words from the cards Bessie gave him the other day.
fox gold house king lion mother father orange piano queen rabbit school table uniform voice water yacht zebra

It so delighted me when I found him to have already grasped the way to pronounce all the words written on the above cards, before I taught him how to spell them.
I asked him like "how did you get the way to say about each word?" "Did you study by yourself as soon as you were given the English word card from your mother?"
His answer was like "Yes, I have engaged in study since I got a quick lesson from my mother."
Oh, what a boy, Kiyoshi! Sleep tight.

I have never failed so far to write about how and how far Kiyoshi has been learning English every day.

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