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Disparity Comes in How ...?

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 06.2011 息子の英語教育記録   0 comments   0 trackback
Kiyoshi's English Education Report Vol. 25:

Today's lesson began with review of all the words he had learned for almost a month.
Above all, the names of the countries as thus far learned seemed to be terribly difficult for him to spell out on the notebook. But it looked like speaking out and pronouncing correctly were pretty good. I felt that he has tended to learn how to speak English wards far faster than writing them. I consider this disparity between writing and speaking comes from which he is familiar with. I mean he is spending daily life as being exposed to the flood of English every day.
I wonder if he has gotten used to the sound of English. On the other hand, writing was a definitely first trial for him.
I believe the more time is going, the more accurately and faster he would be able to memorize English words to write.

Anyway you did your best, Kiyoshi!
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