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Strange to Say... どうしてそうなるの?

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 24.2011 息子の英語教育記録   0 comments   0 trackback
haa.jpg Kiyoshi's English education report Vol. 14:
Yesterday's Kiyoshi wasn't quite good at learning English words for him who has seemed to be a quick learner since started the lesson the other day.

Currently he is learning words which starts with each initial letter of the alphabet.
Last night I, who was annoyed by him being slow at learning, unexpectedly said like "OK it's enough!" "Put that away and go to bed!"
Then in this evening, I tried to check as usual whether he remembered words he had learned yesterday. That said, I had nothing expected at that time. Because despite spending for about 2 hours to learn yesterday, he couldn't remember all of them in the end. (- which are the words HAND, ICE, JAPAN and KNEE)
However can you believe that? On this evening's checkup, he proudly answered most of them correctly. What happened to him who couldn't answer last night! I asked him like "You studied their words by yourself?" Then his answer is "Nothing at all." I completely felt confused by him as assuming like "Is there such a strange thing?"

Anyway he mastered them.
I hope he would never say tomorrow "I don't remember anything at all."

In these days the weather turned pretty cold also in Osaka, following to eastern Japan.

This chilliness finally made me take appropriate action to bring winter clothing down to the 2nd floor. But therefore the 3rd floor ended up to leave messy, scattering a lot of clothing for my son's summer shirts up to my wife's summer T shirts quite mixed T_T It's no doubt how fiercely my wife, who is out for business tonight, would get upset with me, if tomorrow morning she spotted at what I've done! In spite of that, I know it's too easygoing that I'm now writing this journal, picking up a pile of clothing aside ^^

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