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Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 12.2011 My Diary   0 comments   0 trackback
With appreciation for all the trouble to help me improving my English ability, just let me talk about a recent Japanese economy as far as I have been feeling so far ^^
Sure, as you have heard from the resources, inside Japan too, officials in the government reiterate their observation and perspective to the public that Japanese economy is on a right track to recovery. But I assume t's not necessarily imply that all the Japanese citizen feel so. In fact the most are still in the condition like "if we are lucky, we would get a bonus or a pay raise." - I'm not sure whether workers in your country also usually receive a cash bonus, namely, a kind of extra revenue to reward their efforts.

To say frankly, just about all Japanese companies are still now struggling to survive this sticky situation, or you could even describe it as "the critical condition."

So..., just come to think of it, how's your country?

I'm always happy to hear for you to keep paying attention on such Janan ^^

Incidentaly, COO - chief operating officer of Nissan is, as you know, Carlos Ghosn who comes from France but not Japanese ^^

According to Wikipedia, he was born in Brazil between a French mother and Lebanese father. As a kid, he moved to Lebanon with his mother.
He is a French citizen.
Ghosn is multilingual, speaking 6 languages fluently (Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and Japanese).
Psst, actually my wife is also 6 languages speaker, say, Tagalog, English, Japanese, Spanish, Formosan and Ilocos language who has failed to become a lawyer before ^^
(^_-)-☆Have a nice day♪

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