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VOA Learning English

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 05.2011 英語学習情報 Eng Learning Info   0 comments   0 trackback
untitled4.png So, it might be a good tip for us learning English or especially being not yet good at listening that much ^^

Please let me introduce "VOA Learning English".
VOA Learning English をご紹介します。

Here is cited from the introduction by VOA on You Tube.
下記はYou Tube VOA の紹介文からの引用です。

-- A news and information service used by English learners and teachers worldwide. Reports are written in VOA Special English, which is read one-third slower than regular English. VOA Special English programs are broadcast online, on radio and on TV. --

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/VOALearningEnglish

I'll say, to be most thankful for VOA is that each video seems to be made up exactly for begginers with Japanese subtitles which are made into tickers to run from bottom up slowly linked carefully to speaking by native speakers.

So we'll find it easy to practice shadowing method to improve our speaking ability.

And one more thing I'd like you to know is that you would be noticed their update by e-mail every time new movie posted there if you would subscribe it:the first, please subscribe VOA by click and then place a check mark in "Also email me for each new upload", then click update button.
そしてもうひとつお知らせしたいのは、登録リストに追加をクリックしてから、「新しい動画がアップロードされたらメールでも知らせる」 にチェックを入れて更新をクリックすると、投稿されるたびにEメールで知らせてくれることです。

Please try it!

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