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Daily Report

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 11.2010 Today in History / Daily Report   0 comments   0 trackback
20%変形Mon. Jan. 11, 2010  成人の日 Coming-of-Age Day

( Weather )  Fine
( wind )  Nothing
(Temperature )  Today almost looked as warm as spring!!
Really, I could feel a symptom of spring, it might be hasty though.


【Today's task finished】

Sweeping inside and outside shop
Watering the road faced the shop and plant pots
Tending the shop
Doing the dishes
Arranging the shelves
Cooking for our dishes
CA3C0122.jpg Repairing a Philippine tableware

CA3C0123.jpg To go to Osakajou st. to meet Vinessa to get two bags containing tablewares from the Philippines.

Working for evening shift part-time job Shinobu

【Today's business hours: Usual opening 11am-9pm Currently open 7 days a week】

Today's Open:  10:00am Junichi
Today's Close:  Just before midnight Junichi
The time temporally closed today:  Usual opening time to 10:00am

【Today's incident】

Unexpectedly, kind of more than usual customers came here to shop
Bivin just dropped by for around less than a hour today as well followed by yesterday that  may be a good thing for me learning English.

【Private incident】


【Today's self-reflection】


【Tomorrow's plan】

Routine work



Private spending: 2850
Liquors:  canned beer 1 and the below mentioned: Big bottle beer 3
Ref:  Yahoo blog
Do out: 0
Reading Eng News all of routine:  Failed
Out Drinking: 1700 yen at the first time dropping shop / 500yen at usual Chinese run shop
The days completed to read all articles of NHK World News since first done on Jan. 1, 2010 stay total 9 followed by yesterday.


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