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ネイティブの生英語: 添削時の表現集

Posted by Junichi Kawagoe on 03.2010 ★ネイティブの生英語: 添削時の表現集   0 comments   0 trackback
 1kb-sozai-045.gif   - 以下、随時 追加記載中 -

Hope that helps!
It would be more than happy to be of service to you.
I hope this helps you out.

Just some suggestions to make it sound more natural ^^).

I'm not sure what you mean by this

それにしても、よく書かれていますね。 後で、添削するチャンスがあればうれしいです。

Really well written, by the way! I hope I get a chance to make corrections later.

○○○ はたぶん問題ないと思いますが、私には少し変に聞こえます。

"○○○" is probably OK, but it just sounds a little strange to me.

This sentence honestly is fine, but maybe saying ****would sound more natural.
Although this sentence is fine, it might be better to say something like: ***

is a very kind man who is also easy to get along with. His entries are always about interesting stuff in Japan, or societal issues. They are very informative. Thank you for always replying and correcting with much detail!

I am not sure what you are trying to say in the last part so I made it based on what it sounded like.. so if it's wrong I'm sorry!

It sounds better to just say 'this question' rather than repeat the whole question again; this is just my preference.

The original is also correct :D This is just an alternative!

I feel this might be a question.

Your sentence is grammatically correct, I just think this version is better.

, if I'm not mistaken,

which is the most common term in daily speech and press

I'm sure this was just a typo :-)

BTW, your English is perfect! :) I was very picky in my corrections. Please forgive me! ^^;

(or し is also possible)

Nothing is wrong with saying よん.

It's just another way of saying it.

Yes, it's true that there may be some cases in which it is best to refrain from saying し.

Before writing this comment, I checked several different websites to make sure my explanation makes sense. ^^

Please let me show you other ways of expressing 以外に:

i think it makes more sense this way

i hope this makes sense/helps

"fall" as in "autumn"?

I think it's an abbreviated form of "let's say".

I combined the two corrections, as well as crossing out "now". I believe it's clear that you mean present time.

Please consider this alternate sentence:

I would definitely use "time" here instead of "way" if you want to keep this sentence structure.

You have a good handle on English grammar - which is difficult!

These all have the same intensity, in that you are telling everyone that you will try very hard!

There are a lot of ways I could have tweaked the sentence to help it sound more natural. However, you were very close, and I am impressed how well you could express such a syntactically complex idea!

Please consider this common alternate phrasing:

There are a couple of ways we could have phrased this:

Your initial sentence is fine, but I think this sentence flows more nicely in this whole paragraph.

a more natural phrasing will be:

I think your handling of English is pretty good so I took the liberty to change your sentences around to make them even more fluent.

1kb-sozai-114.gif 1kb-sozai-114.gif1kb-sozai-114.gif 1kb-sozai-114.gif
まだまだもっと勉強する必要があります^^;;  ごめん、Nakoさんの日記の添削が遅れています。英語の勉強はうまくいっていますか?
(There is still more that I need to study, I'm sorry my corrections have been late. Is your study of English going well?)

Take Care!

This sentence sounds a little weird.

"Because holidays are so rare, I want to use the time during GW effectively and happily" がいいとおもいます。
I think: "Because holidays are so rare, I want to use the time during GW effectively and happily" probably sounds better.
(it's correct ^_^)

For your English, I think you have a very good knowledge of vocabulary and you can make some complex phrases.
I hope you study the corrections carefully and try your best to fix some little mistakes in meaning.

Very clean structure and grammar usage! You are well on your way, with only very minor mistakes occurring. Please ask any questions if you feel you need to!

ネイティブの生英語:表現集1kb-sozai-162.gif ... 会話、メール、日記での表現を広げるために...


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